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New artist! ūüôā

We’re back with a brand new artist! Her art-name is Ophelia and she’s italian. According to the artist herself, her style was “born” like an year ago, when she found her purpose in art. ¬†She started from scrap, all by herself.

The name is inspired by Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. Ophelia¬†was a woman madly¬†inlove with Hamlet, but when she was told that¬†he was dead she drawn herself. Our artist got inspired by this amazing charatcter and how she appeared in art, so she “took” the name.

Her passion led her to submit to the Academy of Fine Arts of Milan (Brera), in a Graphics class. At the very beginning there, she wanted to become a graphic designer, but after three years of trying many things like copper engraving, 3D modelling and animation, Ophelia discovered what was her dream job: being an illustrator. In fact, she illustrated some fairy tales¬†of the Grimm brothers, some of Aesop’s fables starring all fox characters and Neil Gaiman‘s horror novel, “Coraline“.

Ophelia’s work is inspired not only by art ¬†but also by¬†cartoons, illustrated books, music, movies, tv series, videogames…

From the cartoons, there are “Adventure Time“, “Bee & Puppycat“, “Happy Tree Friends“, “My Little Pony”¬†and ¬†“Sailor Moon“. ¬†If we talk about her inspiring artist there is Lora Zombie. As for movies, there is “Scott Pilgrim“, inspired by the comic book written by Bryan Lee O’Malley, the “Evil Dead” trilogy,¬†with the “Army of Darkness“. Within the illustrated books there’s “Coraline” and “Where the Wild Things Are“, by¬†Maurice Senda.

Well you can see how this artist has some solid basis of inspiration. All this hard work led her to her current style. It is in fact very creative, original and mixes perfectly cute and creepy. So go and check her art up!¬†ūüėČ

Some works

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You want some more?

Check up her:


TUMBLR BLOG:  mara santinello

INSTAGRAM PAGE: ladyophelia

Also takes commissions!

For more info contact her on her e-mail adress: marasantinello@gmail.com