Tenshi Flyers

New artist! 🙂

And the first new artist of 2015 is Tenshi Flyers! 🙂 He comes from the south of France and brings up a pretty nice and original style.

He started from scrap when he was 8, inspired by the vast and giant universe of MARVEL and continued evolving his style through time. He only studied architecture for an year and a half, but his nowadays’ style is forged by practice, especially in the last few years.

His way of drawing is influenced by some artists like Jim Lee, Jeffery Scott Campbell, Joe Madureira.

Due to his interest in many types of art (comic books, paintings, tatoo, street art…), Tenshi Flyers, enjoys practicing many different styles. Beside drawing in a traditional way, he’s tried the trill of painting, drawing/coloring through photoshop, photography… But for him there’s nothing better then the “old fashion” drawing by pencil and ink, sometimes accompanied by the use of promarkers.

In his artist career, he has encountered many colorists and sometimes they have collaborated, creating amazing arts.

So what are waiting for? Go check them up 😉

Some works


Drawn by Tenshi Flyers


Colored by Lilywings


Drawn by Tenshi Flyers; colored by Jonorth


Drawn by Tenshi Flyers


Colored by Omar Ero


Drawn by Tenshi Flyers


Colored by THeJokester-Bot


Drawn and colored by Tenshi Flyers


Drawn and colored by Tenshi Flyers


Drawn and colored by Tenshi Flyers


Drawn and colored by Tenshi Flyers


You want some more?

Go check him up:


FACEBOOK PAGE: Tenshi Flyers

MAIL:  nal40@hotmail.fr

Also takes commissions!

For more info contact on one of the links mentioned above 😉


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