Mara Marsiglia

New Artist! 🙂

So after a month of no posts, I’m back with a brand new artist! 😀

Her name is Mara Marsiglia, an italian emergin artist. The passion for art grew with her since she was a little girl. In fact she started from scrap, but her love for art took her firstly to an Art school, later to one year of NABA, in Milan, as a student of Media Design and nowadays she’s studying at the European Accademy of Manga, in Italy.

At the very beginning Mara wanted to become a fashion stylist but after she saw the manga “Fullmetal Alchemist“, her “art-adventure” towards the manga world began. At first she only read them but after a while she started drawing in that direction. The “mother” of her style is Hiromu Arakawa, creator of “Fullmetal Alchemist”. Other japanese artists who influenced her style are Oh! Great and Tite Kubo. From the italian artists there are Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa for locations and atmosphere, Paolo Barbieri on the other hand, with his realistic art, influenced her with the digital art technique. As for her character design, videogames played a very important role. Some like “Final Fantasy“, “Kingdom of Hearts“, “HALO“, “Gears of War“, “League of Legends“…

All these artists and videogames only helped her find her style, which is a mixture of japanese comic book art and realistic art, and that is what makes Mara’s art unique. Her bigest inspiration in life is to become a famous manga artist in Italy. So go and check her amazing works! 😉

Some works



10409190_363885367108246_1625577414187042479_n 10615537_350919785071471_9087973541890234537_n 10649455_329758060520977_8875136772221518683_n 10671444_335024826660967_7100589468168813962_n16376_341197856043664_2582602270873300474_n 1382899_355031507993632_2377961107933727041_n 10329068_338673062962810_8404553890194227519_n 10352207_355362314627218_4189559353358339082_n


You want some more?

Go check up her:


FACEBOOK PAGE: One more paint


Also takes commissions!

For more info contact on one of the links mentioned above 😉


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