Marta Zaccarini

New artist! 🙂

So we’re back with another new artist! 🙂 Marta Zaccarini is an italian artist. She started drawing when she was very little. At the very beginning the subjects of her drawings were animals (cats, lions, foxes, horses…), but with the years she got interested in drawing humans. Here inspiration comes from the famous italian comic book Witch, drawn by the artist she very much admires: Alessandro Barbucci.

Soon she went to art school and afterwards she went to a school for comics. Today Marta is going at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, where she is improving her style.

Other artists who inspire her are: Mike Mignola, Dino Battaglia, Gianni de Luca, Juanjo Guarnido, Alberto Breccia, Sergio Toppi. But there’s also a japanese inspiration: Katsuhiro OtomoSatoshi Kon and especially Kōta Hirano.

She uses mixed techniques, like pencils, watercolors, copic markers, ink…

This new artist’s style may be influenced by some of these artists but it is very fresh and with time it gets more personal. So if you’re into asian art and you want to see a brand new talent, go check up Marta’s works, ’cause it’s worth it. 😉


Some works

10621846_932229936792703_1001234683_n10585290_932229440126086_1481743642_n 10668269_932229796792717_1523374273_n 10676900_932230210126009_1763900275_o 10705127_932230313459332_1489478982_n 10708469_932229683459395_538226453_n10706604_932229373459426_590751193_n


You want some more?

Check up her:

FACEBOOK PAGE: INK. – Marta Zaccarini

Also takes commissions!

For more info contact the link mentioned above 😉


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