D. Monarch

New artist! 🙂

Let’s get back with our emergin artists! 🙂 Today we’ll talk about D.Monarch. He’s an italian artist who has his passion for drawing since he was very little. He was a bit of an outsider and liked expressing himself through art, so he prefered drawing and improving instead of playing with the others.
As soon as he could, pushed by the love for art, he went to art school and met other people like him with the interest for all kind of arts. In this period of his life, he got to know the “comic book world” and that’s what led him to understand what he wanted to do in his life: turn his art into a career and produce his own comic books. That is the reason why now he’s studying at ACME, the Academy of Fine Arts and Media, in Milan. There he met artists like Demon K..

The comic book that inspired the artist is “Dylan Dog“, but he also likes “Scott Pilgrim“, written and drawn by Bryan Lee O’Malley. Ohter inspiration for D. Monarch is “Tank Girl“, drawn by  Jamie Hewlett.

He’s a tradional artist who’s trying to get to know the digital side of art. The style of his works is “free”, and in a developing process but it is also very fresh! Make sure to check on his works!

Some works

1488480_665740273533722_1182824405_n 10634339_665740040200412_1814230450_n 10638028_665741903533559_1635258454_n 10716208_665740103533739_1558767513_n 10717554_665741823533567_1407565704_n 10721465_665739810200435_155299385_n 10723515_665739936867089_652592232_n

You want some more?

Check up his:




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