Demon K.

New artist! 🙂

Today our artist is italian. You can call him Demon K. (if you read it out loud you’d see the analogy with “The monkey” 😉 ). As the name suggests, this artist’s inspiration (and also his personal logo) is a demon monkey.

He started drawing as a child and art became his big passion. It took him to go to art school and now he’s second year of ACME, the Academy of Fine Arts and Media, in Milan.

He’s new in this “gig” but he is looking forward to improve and learn as much as he can.

His style is inspired by some of his favorite artists Skaffa and Pac23, but he’s still looking for his own way of drawing.

This artist prefers working with the goood old paper-pencil-ink technique or, if we’re talking about a painting, then he’s more for acrylic and canvas.

He’s full with project ideas! And as soon as he completes them make sure you check up! 😉

Some works

Totem (7 deadly sins)_Butterfly_ _Drunken balloon_ _I've told ya!_ _Meditate_ MKV Melancholy Jellyfish Boy WIP I'm going up Best food trust me

You want some more?

Check up his:




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