Mark Clark II

New artist! 🙂

And today’s new artist is Mark Clark II! We’re talking about an american artist, wich has had his passion for drawing and art since he was very young. He started from an inheritated talent by his very close grandmother and continues drawing and improving his skills, pushed by an interior bond with this very special lady.

His gift took him to go to an Art school (Art High) for performing and visual art. The result is a very personal and absolutly unique style!

He makes great use of digital painting but his favourite techniques is the old fashion pencil with cross hatching.

Some works

supergirl_markers_by_mark_clark_ii-d7rmb8hseriously__i_m_totally_unarmed_by_mark_clark_ii-d7o1ted 6tag-336175583-796619332569867188_336175583 6tag-336175583-792278484579328320_336175583 5ef10468c30c0214a98616eccfbcea75-d3jgne8

You want some more?

Check up his:


INSTAGRAM PAGE: marclarkii

YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Mark Clark II Artbook

Works for his graphic novel on THIS SITE!

Also takes commissions!

For more info contact on one of the links mentioned above 😉


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