New artist! 🙂

And today’s new artist is Masaya! She’s from Italy. Her passion for comics grew with her and at only 8 years she decided she would become a comic book artist. Thanks to her detirmination, she went to art school and recently she graduated in an Academy of Fine Arts. Her style is very energic and colorful. Her technique is mixed with manga elements and her style is unique and recognizable. She mainly uses a computer graphic tablet.

She will be publishing her own comic book this year at Lucca Comica & Games  in collaboration with Shockdom!


Some works


1010346_1486099528269706_6484160437811704713_n 1391471_1424405341105792_299271320_n 1465324_1435194776693515_370723641_n 1474391_1434457836767209_711719476_n 1604407_1464422910437368_672860089_n 10386242_1510694162476909_6033741007550682927_n


You want some more?

Check up her:

FACEBOOK PAGE: Masaya disegni & basta

TUMBLR BLOG: masaya90

PIVIX PAGE: Masaya90 (where she publishes her fanarts for Yu gi oh!)

Also takes commissions!

For more info contact on one of the links mentioned above 😉


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