Borìs Grozev

New artist! 🙂

Borìs is an emergent bulgarian artist who went to Art school in Italy. He has always had a big passion for comic books, comic book art, video games and video game art ecc. The beginning of his passion was signed by MARVEL and DC comics and later on by some video games (for example “Darksiders“, “Darksiders II“, “Saints row IV“).

His style was inspired by artists like Humberto Ramos, Joe Madureira and Jim Lee. It became very personal and now he continues producing arts.


Some works

an_amazing_x_group__by_sabrerine911-d7c91w0cable_n_deadpool__by_sabrerine911-d7f50xbxmenragin_canuck_marker__by_sabrerine911-d70j07istorm_days_of_future_past_by_sabrerine911-d7k89x0amazing_x_men_days_of_future_past_variant_cover_by_sabrerine911-d7qltfci_m_keeping_this_by_sabrerine911-d7oln7qstorm comingthe_professor_s_charming_secret_by_sabrerine911-d7b2tsdthe_legendary_x_men_the_power_of_chocolate__by_sabrerine911-d7lkto6




You want some more?

Check up his:



Also takes commissions!

For more info contact on one of the links mentioned above 😉



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