“giuxy 94” is an aspiring blogger whose real name is Giulia Rainoldi.

Giulia is a student in an art academy, in Milan. Her blog is all about art and music, main interests of the blogger. She wants to remind everyone that culture is important and we have to maintain it in our lives.

Her passion for art comes from when she was a child. She loved spending her time in drawings. These stimulated her interest in art and her love in cinema. So she went to art school and now she’s in an art academy, specializing herself in Media design and multimedial arts.

While her love for music, comes from her father. “He had a giant library, which was full of old music he never let us touch!” (She says). But she looked at the authors and started listening to them. Giulia listens to many genders, like De André, Muse, Negramaro ecc.

In this blog you will find images and information about artists and musicians, about there works, various articles about themes like photography, cinema, animation… There will also be a part dedicated to the nature (animals, landscapes, plants).

Some of her work (you can find them on http// on her profile “giuxy”):

untitled_by_giuxy-d5z83jc untitled_by_giuxy-d5zk37p untitled_by_giuxy-d6jxc89 untitled_by_giuxy-d62xzb1






a_green_reflection_by_giuxy-d6lrkjg conchiglia_1_by_giuxy-d6k227i roses_on_the_night_by_giuxy-d66mfdo









If you want to know more about art and music, stop wasting your time and go visit her blog


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