Tenshi Flyers

New artist! 🙂

And the first new artist of 2015 is Tenshi Flyers! 🙂 He comes from the south of France and brings up a pretty nice and original style.

He started from scrap when he was 8, inspired by the vast and giant universe of MARVEL and continued evolving his style through time. He only studied architecture for an year and a half, but his nowadays’ style is forged by practice, especially in the last few years.

His way of drawing is influenced by some artists like Jim Lee, Jeffery Scott Campbell, Joe Madureira.

Due to his interest in many types of art (comic books, paintings, tatoo, street art…), Tenshi Flyers, enjoys practicing many different styles. Beside drawing in a traditional way, he’s tried the trill of painting, drawing/coloring through photoshop, photography… But for him there’s nothing better then the “old fashion” drawing by pencil and ink, sometimes accompanied by the use of promarkers.

In his artist career, he has encountered many colorists and sometimes they have collaborated, creating amazing arts.

So what are waiting for? Go check them up 😉

Some works


Drawn by Tenshi Flyers


Colored by Lilywings


Drawn by Tenshi Flyers; colored by Jonorth


Drawn by Tenshi Flyers


Colored by Omar Ero


Drawn by Tenshi Flyers


Colored by THeJokester-Bot


Drawn and colored by Tenshi Flyers


Drawn and colored by Tenshi Flyers


Drawn and colored by Tenshi Flyers


Drawn and colored by Tenshi Flyers


You want some more?

Go check him up:


FACEBOOK PAGE: Tenshi Flyers

MAIL:  nal40@hotmail.fr

Also takes commissions!

For more info contact on one of the links mentioned above 😉


Mara Marsiglia

New Artist! 🙂

So after a month of no posts, I’m back with a brand new artist! 😀

Her name is Mara Marsiglia, an italian emergin artist. The passion for art grew with her since she was a little girl. In fact she started from scrap, but her love for art took her firstly to an Art school, later to one year of NABA, in Milan, as a student of Media Design and nowadays she’s studying at the European Accademy of Manga, in Italy.

At the very beginning Mara wanted to become a fashion stylist but after she saw the manga “Fullmetal Alchemist“, her “art-adventure” towards the manga world began. At first she only read them but after a while she started drawing in that direction. The “mother” of her style is Hiromu Arakawa, creator of “Fullmetal Alchemist”. Other japanese artists who influenced her style are Oh! Great and Tite Kubo. From the italian artists there are Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa for locations and atmosphere, Paolo Barbieri on the other hand, with his realistic art, influenced her with the digital art technique. As for her character design, videogames played a very important role. Some like “Final Fantasy“, “Kingdom of Hearts“, “HALO“, “Gears of War“, “League of Legends“…

All these artists and videogames only helped her find her style, which is a mixture of japanese comic book art and realistic art, and that is what makes Mara’s art unique. Her bigest inspiration in life is to become a famous manga artist in Italy. So go and check her amazing works! 😉

Some works



10409190_363885367108246_1625577414187042479_n 10615537_350919785071471_9087973541890234537_n 10649455_329758060520977_8875136772221518683_n 10671444_335024826660967_7100589468168813962_n16376_341197856043664_2582602270873300474_n 1382899_355031507993632_2377961107933727041_n 10329068_338673062962810_8404553890194227519_n 10352207_355362314627218_4189559353358339082_n


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Go check up her:


FACEBOOK PAGE: One more paint


Also takes commissions!

For more info contact on one of the links mentioned above 😉


New artist! 🙂

We’re back with a brand new artist! Her art-name is Ophelia and she’s italian. According to the artist herself, her style was “born” like an year ago, when she found her purpose in art.  She started from scrap, all by herself.

The name is inspired by Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. Ophelia was a woman madly inlove with Hamlet, but when she was told that he was dead she drawn herself. Our artist got inspired by this amazing charatcter and how she appeared in art, so she “took” the name.

Her passion led her to submit to the Academy of Fine Arts of Milan (Brera), in a Graphics class. At the very beginning there, she wanted to become a graphic designer, but after three years of trying many things like copper engraving, 3D modelling and animation, Ophelia discovered what was her dream job: being an illustrator. In fact, she illustrated some fairy tales of the Grimm brothers, some of Aesop’s fables starring all fox characters and Neil Gaiman‘s horror novel, “Coraline“.

Ophelia’s work is inspired not only by art  but also by cartoons, illustrated books, music, movies, tv series, videogames…

From the cartoons, there are “Adventure Time“, “Bee & Puppycat“, “Happy Tree Friends“, “My Little Pony” and  “Sailor Moon“.  If we talk about her inspiring artist there is Lora Zombie. As for movies, there is “Scott Pilgrim“, inspired by the comic book written by Bryan Lee O’Malley, the “Evil Dead” trilogy, with the “Army of Darkness“. Within the illustrated books there’s “Coraline” and “Where the Wild Things Are“, by Maurice Senda.

Well you can see how this artist has some solid basis of inspiration. All this hard work led her to her current style. It is in fact very creative, original and mixes perfectly cute and creepy. So go and check her art up! 😉

Some works

10581539_295334184005660_745659953_n 10708169_295333804005698_1686558034_n 10721017_295333707339041_755067218_n 10721336_295333550672390_604919697_n 10723572_295333734005705_1998618630_n 10726493_295334040672341_1266931540_n 10728866_295333737339038_47555736_n 10728914_295333694005709_33436632_n 10728980_295333730672372_221693931_n 10733380_295333464005732_1262255102_n

You want some more?

Check up her:


TUMBLR BLOG:  mara santinello

INSTAGRAM PAGE: ladyophelia

Also takes commissions!

For more info contact her on her e-mail adress: marasantinello@gmail.com

Marta Zaccarini

New artist! 🙂

So we’re back with another new artist! 🙂 Marta Zaccarini is an italian artist. She started drawing when she was very little. At the very beginning the subjects of her drawings were animals (cats, lions, foxes, horses…), but with the years she got interested in drawing humans. Here inspiration comes from the famous italian comic book Witch, drawn by the artist she very much admires: Alessandro Barbucci.

Soon she went to art school and afterwards she went to a school for comics. Today Marta is going at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, where she is improving her style.

Other artists who inspire her are: Mike Mignola, Dino Battaglia, Gianni de Luca, Juanjo Guarnido, Alberto Breccia, Sergio Toppi. But there’s also a japanese inspiration: Katsuhiro OtomoSatoshi Kon and especially Kōta Hirano.

She uses mixed techniques, like pencils, watercolors, copic markers, ink…

This new artist’s style may be influenced by some of these artists but it is very fresh and with time it gets more personal. So if you’re into asian art and you want to see a brand new talent, go check up Marta’s works, ’cause it’s worth it. 😉


Some works

10621846_932229936792703_1001234683_n10585290_932229440126086_1481743642_n 10668269_932229796792717_1523374273_n 10676900_932230210126009_1763900275_o 10705127_932230313459332_1489478982_n 10708469_932229683459395_538226453_n10706604_932229373459426_590751193_n


You want some more?

Check up her:

FACEBOOK PAGE: INK. – Marta Zaccarini

Also takes commissions!

For more info contact the link mentioned above 😉

D. Monarch

New artist! 🙂

Let’s get back with our emergin artists! 🙂 Today we’ll talk about D.Monarch. He’s an italian artist who has his passion for drawing since he was very little. He was a bit of an outsider and liked expressing himself through art, so he prefered drawing and improving instead of playing with the others.
As soon as he could, pushed by the love for art, he went to art school and met other people like him with the interest for all kind of arts. In this period of his life, he got to know the “comic book world” and that’s what led him to understand what he wanted to do in his life: turn his art into a career and produce his own comic books. That is the reason why now he’s studying at ACME, the Academy of Fine Arts and Media, in Milan. There he met artists like Demon K..

The comic book that inspired the artist is “Dylan Dog“, but he also likes “Scott Pilgrim“, written and drawn by Bryan Lee O’Malley. Ohter inspiration for D. Monarch is “Tank Girl“, drawn by  Jamie Hewlett.

He’s a tradional artist who’s trying to get to know the digital side of art. The style of his works is “free”, and in a developing process but it is also very fresh! Make sure to check on his works!

Some works

1488480_665740273533722_1182824405_n 10634339_665740040200412_1814230450_n 10638028_665741903533559_1635258454_n 10716208_665740103533739_1558767513_n 10717554_665741823533567_1407565704_n 10721465_665739810200435_155299385_n 10723515_665739936867089_652592232_n

You want some more?

Check up his:



Been gone! But back with COMPOSITING

I reblog this so that I can reblog the updated article of project number 2 😉

draw up people

Sorry guys but unfortunetly I’ve been gone for a while because I’m full with exams! I’ve been working on some projects regarding also compositing, so I thought better to send an article regarding it 🙂 There will be a little introduction of the theme and a lot of personal experience! It’s not a Comic book topic, but it’s rather fascinating and I hope you like it! 🙂


Compositing is the combining of visual elements from separate sources into single images, often to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene. Live-action shooting for compositing is variously called “chroma key”, “blue screen”, “green screen” and other names. Today, most, though not all, compositing is achieved through digital image manipulation. Pre-digital compositing techniques, however, go back as far as the trick films ofGeorges Méliès in the late 19th century; and some are still in use.

There are different softwares for using it but…

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